Belt conveyors

Rubber Conveyor BeltsThey are designed for conveying various types of packaged or bulky materials and are used for conveying a load from one place to another. RCB can be both standard, which are constructed on a modular principle, and non-standard as per the assignment and the customer’s requirements. When it is necessary to convey materials under greater gradients, raised elements are applied which are fixed on the belt to prevent the load return.


The belt conveyors are the most commonly used due the following characteristics they have:

  • They cover different distances.
  • They enable the transportation of various bulky materials, including single loads.
  • They can be covered (encapsulated) and, thus, they protect the conveyed material from external impacts.

We manufacture RBC with a width varying from B=250 mm up to B=2000 mm, a length L=50 m and output Q=3/h.


We also supply separate components of the belt conveyors as spare parts: rollers, driving stations, stretching stations, steel roller troughs, self-centering stations, scrapers and wipers.