About us

Qualified engineers work for the company at present. We have a team of experienced designers and can offer a complete development of your project. We have at our disposal a team of engineers, designers and technologists in the area of the design of metal structures and facilities for technological equipment.

We are experienced in building the following types of installations:



  • Design of fodder-mixing workshops
  • Design of flour plants – mills
  • Design of installations for dry-batch construction composites
  • Design of installations for concrete units
  • Design of installations for measuring and packaging of various products
  • Design of silo plants
  • Design of aspiration systems
  • Design of pneumatic transport systems
  • Design and construction of silo plants including: reception of the grain mass, pre-cleaning, preparation of milling mixtures with measuring devices
  • Design of installations for the production of fuels from biomass
  • Design of installation for household waste
  • Design of installations for storage, mixing, transportation and packaging in compliance with the technological standards for the design of the Finished Products and the Packaging Area of the Milling Works
  • Working out of logical drafts for the overall automation of the technological processes in the projects described
  • Consultancy and preliminary research related to the development of investment projects drafts
  • Work design of treatment plants for waste and drinking water
  • Designer Supervision
  • Consultancy and Project Engineering
  • Estimate of Costs
  • Technical and Economical Estimate of the Projects

All projects are developed in the following sequence:

  1. Assignment
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Working Draft Approval
  4. Project Description
  5. Selection of a Process Flow Diagram
  6. Description of the Process Flow Diagram
  7. Calculations
  8. Process Charts for the Production of Machines and Equipment
  9. Assembly Process Charts
  10. Logical Automation Draft

For “GEORGI ILIEV ENGINEERING” Ltd. every project is unique and we offer a rational, flexible and individual solution.